Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who should register with the FIC?

Section 39 (2) of the Financial Intelligence Act, 2012 (Act 13 of 2012) requires all Accountable Institutions and Reporting Institutions as listed on schedule 1 and 3 of the Act respectively, to register their prescribed particulars with the Financial Intelligence Center as a Reporting Entity.

A Reporting Entity/Accountable Institution will only be able to submit electronic suspicious activity/transaction reports when a user(s) has been registered online. A Reporting Person is a person affiliated to a Reporting Entity/Accountable Institution responsible for logging onto the Financial Intelligence Centre Web site and submitting a Suspicious Transaction or Activity Report.

2.  How do I register with the FIC?

The following steps must be followed to register:

When website is displayed, select Register.

The new Reporting Person Registration screen is displayed. Please complete as many fields as possible. The fields marked with a * are mandatory fields, and must be completed.

FieldDescription / Possible values
Registration Type Select either Reporting Entity, Individual or Stakeholder If you are registering as the Compliance Officer for an Entity, please select Reporting Entity.
(6 character user name)
Characters 1 - 3: Abbreviation/Acronym of Reporting Entity Name
Characters 4 - 6: Numerical value 001 (1st rep. person) or
002 (2nd rep. person) for reporting entity

Example : Company Name=FOUR-WAYS-VENTURECC - Username:FWV001

Password Enter a password
Repeat Password Repeat chosen password
First Name Please supply full names and not only initials
Surname Surname of the reporting person
Address Please supply full physical address, and not only postal address.
Email Please supply a valid email address – User name, password and entity id will be emailed to the email address provided.
Reporting Entity Full name of the Reporting Entity
Reference Number The following will be accepted:
  • Company Registration number
  • National Identity Document number
Type of Business i.e Investment company, Law Firm

Once all fields have been completed, press SUBMIT to complete registration.

New Registrations

All new registrations will be verified by the FIC Administrator who will confirm in writing your Web Portal access credentials.

Please use the password you provided upon registration.

If a registration is REJECTED, a reason for the rejection will be provided.

Request for change of password

A reporting person can change his/her password if he/she feels that the password security has been compromised.

To change your password, once logged in, under heading: My GoAML → Change Password

In the event that a reporting person has forgotten his/her password to the FIC goAML web portal, a change of password request will be required. The request for a password change can be e-mailed to the following e-mail address: